Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on May 18, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
177 Small_arrow_up438 Richard Vasquez's Podcast
477 Small_arrow_up380 Enjoy and Be Educated | The Diggers Union Local...
453 Small_arrow_up379 The Dirty Sessions Podcast
208 Small_arrow_up340 Dj Supanatural's Mix Sessions
386 Small_arrow_up314 Women Of Letters Half Hour
188 Small_arrow_up307 Jellybean Benitez _ Jellybean Rocks The House
481 Small_arrow_up305 Iniversal Sounds podcast
398 Small_arrow_up272 DJ Michael Hades Underworld
397 Small_arrow_up265 Terrence McNally podcast
467 Small_arrow_up242 The Silapan Show
445 Small_arrow_up236 Dancing in the Clouds
385 Small_arrow_up226 Podcast de Felix Toran
401 Small_arrow_up226 Niko Soprano's Podcast
49 Small_arrow_up224 DJ Kervyn Mark - The Real
201 Small_arrow_up221 House Flavours Radio Podcast
262 Small_arrow_up220 Ron O'Quinn's Rock 'N Roll Rewind
485 Small_arrow_up202 InnerFight's Podcast
450 Small_arrow_up199 Department of War Studies' Podcast
384 Small_arrow_up187 HoodTech presents...Da HoodCast
491 Small_arrow_up183 THE OLI (Fire & Area, London UK)
200 Small_arrow_up179 Craig Dalzell's Podcast
339 Small_arrow_up176 DJ Zaman
224 Small_arrow_up175 Morpheus Soul's Podcast
490 Small_arrow_up175 Dj RyB's Podcast
451 Small_arrow_up174 Spyda the dj's Podcast
337 Small_arrow_up168 The PE Geek Podcast
367 Small_arrow_up165 The Jennifer Nicole Lee Show -JNL's Official Po...
391 Small_arrow_up165 GLIDE Podcast
288 Small_arrow_up164 RADIO SoulShyne
406 Small_arrow_up161 CewshCast 5000(Working Title)
366 Small_arrow_up160 The Index Investing Show
313 Small_arrow_up152 DJ KEL-WIN! GROWN n' SEXY Soul Mix Podcast is B...
291 Small_arrow_up150 DJ CHRIS LEWIS - DANCE EVOLUTION
404 Small_arrow_up149 Professional Communication Training
452 Small_arrow_up146 Shimza's Podcast
199 Small_arrow_up142 Watchmen Radio podcast
231 Small_arrow_up141 The Homo Happy Hour
275 Small_arrow_up141 Eavesdrop Radio
419 Small_arrow_up141 Aspelins Arena
315 Small_arrow_up133 Religion For Life
296 Small_arrow_up132 Rock On Request Magazine - Music, Interviews an...
222 Small_arrow_up124 Occupy the Media Collective
228 Small_arrow_up123 Marc Wilkie - The House Music Podcast
478 Small_arrow_up123 Blended! DJ Tony M
468 Small_arrow_up122 The Kitchen
195 Small_arrow_up121 Miss Jennifer Presents Vibeology
497 Small_arrow_up121 The James 'N Brown Podcast
402 Small_arrow_up118 DJ Lui Exs
377 Small_arrow_up117 Men of Valor Program
268 Small_arrow_up116 denzdevarez's Podcast

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